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We moved away from the others, we followed our own way.

When others selected to import and to limit their teamwork in order to reduce costs, we choosed to continue working in Spain, keeping our structure. We can demostrate than our way is not only meaningful but necessary. Austral was born on 1976 with hope to make something different. Now, more than 40 years later, we continue with the same hope; Austral gives work to more than 200 people on 5 different production plants. The know-how from so many years makes Austral an influent brand. Our project wants to add value and personality to each collective. We work with clients, making they part of the improvements that we made thanks to our I+D+I program. We want to share with our clients the pride of being "AUSTRAL".

  • Made in Spain
  • I+D+I
  • Personalization

Our data

C/ Alday, 10

39600 Maliaño · Cantabria · España


(0034) 942 261 212